Konstantin Ignatyev

Computer 'whisperer'

Road to Pushkar was supposed to be easy, well..... * first there was a sandstorm, not too bad but day darkened and sand was noticeably biting exposed skin; * then motorcycle's chain snapped - luckily it happened in a village and I only needed to push bike to the other end to find tiny shop with a mechanic. He spoke no English, and nobody around too, but with using sign language I was able to explain that I need help replacing chain link (Tony Bike Centre provided us with spare parts). Then whole crowd gathered - in my estimate we provided entertainment for at least half a village ;) * it was getting darker but we were determined to reach Pushkar; * then we were riding in the dark through a lightning storm; * and then through the rain, which turned into a heavy downpour so we were forced to seek shelter at a lonely dhaba, soon there were more riders like us gathering under its dhaba's roof; It was midnight when we finally reached Pushkar, we were exhausted.