Konstantin Ignatyev

Computer 'whisperer'

I spend awesome time riding in CanyonLands below The Island In The Sky: landscape is surreal. And all the roads were built to transport uranium ore. It was very hot there and on advice from fellow riders I decided to ride down to Colorado river for a swim, it took me awhile to plow through sandy road there and I was skinny dipping at the end of desolate canyon when suddenly a huge working party arrived by motor boats. Enjoyed chat with rangers, as I was relaxing and sipping my cold beer. I told them about my recent ride in Oregon and visit to a place of Rajneeshee's cult, and they told me that they also have a place where another crazy cult tried to build intentional community( Mark White we should visit that place some day) https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Home_of_Truth,_Utah