Konstantin Ignatyev

Computer 'whisperer'

Spent a night slightly below pass that leads from Sun Valley to Copper Basin in Idaho. Liked the basing much, and on the Antelope Pass met fellow riders who suggested me to make it to the top of Southern Butte just by pointing at blimp far away. I glad that I listen to them: that was not on any recommendation lists possibly because road to the top is quite sandy and rocky at times making it hardly passable for low clearance vehicles. On the way there I stopped by "Craters Of The Moon" NP - incredible landscape, vast lava fields, barren land, and really strong winds, so strong they toppled my bike. Multiple signs warning that there are no services or people for hundreds of miles, as a reward there is abundance of wild life: antelopes, coyotes, rabbits. Thankfully it is autumn and rattlesnakes went to sleep already.